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Service Hours

Any Boy Scout in Troop 1134 is able to earn service hours for work he does outside the troop for the betterment of the community. These hours may not be applied to any other service requirements he must meet for other Scout achievements, church, school, or other social groups. The Scout may not receive any monetary reimbursement for his time and efforts. He can not directly benefit from the outcome of his labors, as an individual. His service should benefit a group of people or an organization.

Service projects help others and not necessarily our own causes; for example, anything that helps others in church, community, school. An example of a bad idea is selling concessions for your cricket team. There are so many places that need time and talent.

Scouts service hours should have a single purpose. A volunteer hour with one organization shouldn’t be used for multiple tallys (school service hours, a scout rank, a scout merit badge, etc.)

Reporting Service Hours

Service Hour Log (to keep in your binder)

Service Hours Verification Form (optional: another way to remember for those scouts who forget to log service hours in their binders)

Scott Wellington (membership @ is the troop’s Community Service Advisor and is the leader who records service hours to BSA for our Troop. Please report all service hours to Mr. Wellington so our Troop will get credit to help us reach GOLD!

Service Opportunities

Scouting for Food

Mrs. Carol Anne McGuinn is 2011 Coordinator
Log your time! SFF counts toward service hours


  1. Each Scout participating in Scouting for Food will receive a Scouting for Food recognition patch.
  2. Each scout that collects 100 items for 100 years of Scouting will receive a Scouting for Food recognition item.
  3. Scouting for Food plays a huge role in earning the SErvice Ribbon in 100 Year Celebration of Scouting patch.
  4. Bring your cans into the meetings… our troop has begun Scouting for Food NOW! Keep the count of cans you collect… and tell Mrs. Olsen or Mrs. Easterly when you’ve reached 100 items (cans, boxes, etc)!!!

In Demand Items (non-perishable items only)

Tuna fish, Peanut butter, Canned meat, Cereals, Grits, Dry beans, Rice, Macaroni & Cheese, Single serving foods, Canned soup, Canned fruit/vegetables, Pasta & spaghetti Sauce, Sugar, Shampoo, Hand soap, Deodorant, Laundry detergent, Cleaning Supplies, Baby Diapers, Toilet paper, Paper Towels, Toothpaste, Tooth brushes, and Pet Food also.

Anytime Service Projects

  • Troop 1134 sponsored road cleanup beside old Dunkin’ Donuts and Home Depot
  • BT Cross Country Trail Cleanup
    This also an ongoing Service Opportunity. Kevin Webb recently worked with a group of scouts on the BT Trail and can advise an adult supervisor on what needs to be done. The boys were digging up tree roots that are in the path way. They are marked with white paint. The second half of the trail needs to be completed. Adult supervision is required. Bring your gloves, shovel, pic and ax.
  • Kennesaw Mountain Trail Conservation
    Trail Workdays are the 2nd Saturday of the month every month unless canceled because of weather or rescheduled to coincide with another event at the Park. Registration is at 8:30am — when you arrive, drive through the parking lot toward the road going up the mountain & turn right on the road in front of the two houses used by park staff. You can park at the end of that road near the maintenance garage area. Please do not wear open-toed shoes. Long pants are recommended. Bring your own water bottle if possible, but we’ll have water available there. Everyone is welcome. Students under the age of 18 require Parental permission in advance. Click Here for Permission Form.
  • Westwind Clean Up (Troop Adopted Road)
    Every 2nd Monday from 6:30 to 7:00pm before Troop Meeting.

Other Places to Check for Service Opportunities

  • SPC Teen Service Project Information
  • Service Hours at Chattahoochee Nature Center
  • Keep Roswell Beautiful Website offers Volunteer Opportunities
  • Good Turn for America
  • American Red Cross
  • Case Foundation
  • Department of Health and Human Services
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • National Park Service
  • Ready Kids, Dept. of Homeland Security
  • Salvation Army
  • USA Freedom Corps
  • KM Trail Club
  • Chattahoochee Nature Center

Service Opportunities for Teen Scouts:

  • SPC Teen Service Project Information
  • North Fulton Charities
  • (lists volunteer opportunities by state or zip code for various government agencies like National Parks etc.)

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