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Every campout a grubmaster cooks for a camping patrol… 4 or 5 scouts (including himself). Clean up is shared by all. Food costs are split by scouts in their camp patrol. It is expected that you volunteer as grubmaster at least 3 times per scouting year. Have fun with it! Click Here for boy scout cooking resources.

Tips for Tent Care

If you bring home a tent to dry after an outing, please consider the following in order to extend the life of the troop tents:

  •  Tents should washed off with a hose both inside and out
  •  No soap is necessary. Just a strong hosing.
  •  DON’T attempt to dry the tent in the dryer. It will damage the water protective coating.
  •  Don’t forget to wash off the rainfly and footprint as well.
  •  If you find that there is a missing piece to the tent that you are assigned to clean, place a piece of masking tape on the tent bag so it is easily identified for repairs/replacements.

Outings require Trained Leaders! Please visit our Training page and consider supporting our Troop by becoming a trained leader.

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