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Merit Badges

There are more than 100 merit badges. You can learn about sports, crafts, science, trades, business and future careers as you earn these merit badges. Any Boy Scout may earn any merit badge at any time. You don’t need to have had rank advancement to be eligible.

How to Earn Your Merit Badges

Pick A Subject

See the list of merit badges here (merit badges are listed on the left and their workbook pages on the right). Read the requirements of the merit badges you think might interest you. Pick one to earn. Your Patrol Leader can give you the name of a person from a list of counselors or you can find one on the Troop 1134 Merit Badge Counselor webpage… or click here. These counselors have special knowledge in their merit badge subjects and are interested in helping you.

Scout Buddy System

You must have another person with you at each meeting with the merit badge counselor. This person can be another Scout, your parents or guardian, a brother or sister, a relative, or a friend.

Call The Counselor. Get a signed merit badge application (blue card) from your Scoutmaster or Assistant Scoutmasters. Get in touch with the merit badge counselor (phone or email) and tell him or her that you want to earn the merit badge. The counselor may ask you to meet with him at a troop meeting so he can explain what he expects and start helping you meet the requirements.

Work on the Badge. When you know what is expected, start to learn and do the things required. You should read the merit badge pamphlet on the subject. Troop 1134 has many of the merit badge pamphlets as part of the troop library or you can find them at the Scout Shop or online at Remember if you have questions… ask your merit badge counselor.

There are also Merit Badge Worksheet pages that are available online. They can be a big help with some of the merit badges that require written work. Worksheet merit badge pages can be found at… or click here (Worksheets are on the Right Side). Worksheets are not a requirement for a merit badge… they are just a tool to help you if you decide to use them.

Meet the Requirements

You are expected to meet the requirements as they are stated — no more and no less. You are expected to do exactly what is stated in the requirements. If it says “show or demonstrate,” that is what you must do. Just telling about it isn’t enough. The same thing holds true for such words as “make,” “list,” “in the field,” and “collect,” “identify,” and “label.”

Show Your Stuff

When you are ready, call the counselor again to make an appointment to meet the requirements. When you go take along the things you have made to meet the requirements. If they are too big to move, take pictures or have an adult tell in writing what you have done. The counselor will ask to see your work and depending on the merit badge they might ask that you to do each requirement to make sure that you know your stuff and have done or can do the things required.

Get The Badge

When the counselor is satisfied that you have met each requirement, he or she will sign your application (blue card). You need to report it in the Troop Advancement Binder.

How To Report in the Troop 1134 Advancement Binder:

1) Turn in the blue card (In the front of the binder, put in the zipper pouch)

2) Find the section in the binder for you (look for your name on a tab) and post the dates in the appropriate place (ask your Patrol Leader, Asst Patrol Leader or an older scout if you need help)

3) Your copy of the blue card will be returned to you after the Advancement Coordinator records it.
Remember: When attending a merit badge university, remember to bring a completed blue card and have it signed by the merit badge counselor before leaving the event.

Merit Badges Required for Eagle

  • Camping
  • Citizenship in the Community
  • Citizenship in the Nation
  • Citizenship in the World
  • Communications
  • Cooking
  • Environmental Science
  • Family Life
  • First Aid
  • Personal Fitness
  • Personal Management
  • Lifesaving OR Emergency Preparedness
  • Swimming OR Cycling OR Hiking


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