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Leadership Positions

Troop Committee

The Troop committee is composed of parents of scouts registered with the Troop and non-parent scouters registered with the Troop. Each family gets one vote, with the exception of families where multiple adults are registered scouters with the Troop or hold an appointed position listed below. In this situation, each scouter has a vote. Adult membership, management, and discipline is to be handled by the Chartering Organization Representative, Scoutmaster, and Committee Chairman.

Scoutmaster – Mr. Patrick Thompson

  • Conduct the Boy Scout program according to the policies of the Boy Scouts of America.
  • Train youth leaders by conducting, at least yearly, an introduction to leadership and team-building workshops.
  • Conduct an annual Troop program planning conference to assist youth leaders in planning the Troop program.
  • Conduct a monthly patrol leaders’ council meeting to plan weekly meetings and conduct Troop business.
  • Conduct, through the patrol leaders’ council, weekly Troop meetings.
  • Provide a minimum of 10 days and nights of camping yearly, including participation in a local council resident camp.
  • Assist in selecting and recruiting assistant Scoutmasters to work with the new Scout patrol and the Venture crew for older Scouts.
  • Work with the Troop committee chairperson in developing a monthly meeting agenda that will address the needs of the Troop.
  • Conduct Scoutmaster conferences for all ranks.
  • Participate in Boy Scout Leader Fast Start Training and Scoutmaster Fundaments.
  • Provide the necessary framework (using the BSA’s Youth Protection program) for protecting the young people in your Troop from abuse.
  • See that activities are conducted within BSA safety guidelines and requirements.

Advancement Advisor – Mrs. Rachelle Neilands and Mrs Mary Uhrik

  • Encourage Scouts to advance in rank.
  • Arrange and conduct monthly Troop boards of review.
  • Conduct frequent courts of honor, at least quarterly.
  • Develop and maintain a merit badge counselor list.
  • Make a prompt report on the correct form to the council service center when a Troop board of review is held. Secure badges and certificates.
  • Work with the Troop scribe to maintain all Scout advancement records.
  • Work with the Troop librarian to build and maintain a Troop library of merit badge pamphlets.
  • Responsible for maintaining the Troop’s copy of all Merit Badge Application cards (i.e., Blue Cards).
  • Accumulates all Scout work coming from Summer Camp and other encampments which primary purpose is advancement. If unavailable, then either the Committee Chairman or the Scoutmaster will accumulate the material and turn it over at the first opportunity.

Life to Eagle Scout Coordinator – Mr. Richard Gruver

  • Help establish goals and deadlines for Life Scouts to ensure completion of their Eagle requirements prior to their 18th birthday.
  • Research and provide lists of possible Eagle Projects.
  • Serve as the troop representative to sit on District Wide Eagle BORs.

Treasurer – Mr. Scott Wellington

  • Handle all Troop funds. Pay bills on recommendation of the Scoutmaster and authorization of the Troop committee.
  • Maintain checking and savings accounts.
  • Train and supervise the Troop scribe in record keeping.
  • Receive Troop income each week from the Troop scribe.
  • Keep adequate records in the Troop/Team Record Book.
  • Assist the Fundraising Chairman in supervising money-earning projects, including obtaining proper authorizations.
  • Supervise the camp savings plan.
  • Report to the Troop committee at each meeting.
  • Lead in the preparation of the annual Troop budget.

Community Service Advisor –  Mrs. Sue Verner

  • Serve as the coordinator for the Troop’s public service projects, both as a Troop and in individual Scouts.
  • Maintain records regarding the amount of community service which each Scout has accumulated for his next rank (Star and Life ranks) (Note: Scouts have Service hour logs to maintain themselves so recorded keeping might only be for a project coordination like time slots to fill for parish picnic.)
  • Help Scouts find meaningful projects to fulfill the requirements for Star and Life. (Information can be posted on Website)
  • Serve as an advisor to Eagle Scout candidates in selection of their Eagle project. (We also have an active Life to Eagle Coordinator who also assists with this.)

Membership Coordinator –Mrs. Glenda Merritt

  • Develop a plan for year-round membership flow into the troop.
  • Work closely with the Cubmaster and Webelos den leader of neighboring Cub Scout packs to provide smooth transition into the troop. Assist in developing and recruiting den chiefs, and assist in the crossover ceremony from Webelos Scouts to Boy Scouts.
  • Plan and coordinate a troop open house to invite non-Scouts into the troop.
  • Encourage Scouts to invite their friends to join the troop.

Court of Honor Committee – Mrs. Patti Palmich

  • Responsible for Coordinating the 4 Main Court of Honor Events/Parties of the year.
  • Summer Court of Honor (Held in September)
  • Holiday Court of Honor (Held in December)
  • Spring Court of Honor (Held in March)
  • End of Year Court of Honor (Held in May)
  • Court of Honor Events/Parties typically consists of buffet type meals or potluck appetizers/snacks, plastic flatware, beverages, and of course… Cake!

Safety/Health Coordinator – Mrs. Heike Payne

  • Coordinate annual collection troop medical forms during troop re-charter process.
  • Works with the Outdoor/Activities Coordinator to see that all adults and scouts who will attend any troop activity including high adventure and summer camp have current and proper medical forms well in advance of the beginning of the activity.
  • Maintain medical form notebooks and makes it available to the Scoutmaster, Outdoor Advisor, and/or Activity advisor for all troop activities.

Assistant Scoutmasters:

Glenn Bickel

Paul Dobson

Richard Gruver

Jeff Hentz

Nancy Jern

Mike Leach

Chris McGregor

Dan Nemec

Andy Piper

Jeff Robertson

James Uhrik

Greg Vojnovic

Michael Walsh

Mike Young


  • Assume the Scoutmaster’s responsibilities/duties if the Scoutmaster is unavailable
  • Perform the specific program duties as assigned by the Scoutmaster.
  • Outdoor Advisor – Mr. Curt Czajkoski
  • Help in securing permission to use camping sites.
  • Serve as transportation coordinator.
  • Encourage monthly outdoor activities or special activities.
  • Promote the National Camping Award.
  • Promote, through family meetings, attendance at Troop campouts, Camporees, and summer camp to reach the goal of an outing per month. Assist Scoutmaster in providing a minimum of 10 days and nights of camping yearly, including participation in a local council resident camp.
  • Report to the Troop committee at each meeting.
  • Assist the Scoutmaster in all meetings

Unit Training Advisor – Mrs. Maureen Young

  • Ensures that the leaders are encouraged and aware of available training opportunities, maintain training records and materials, and is responsible for BSA Youth Protection training.
  • The goal of the unit training chair is to have 100 percent of the leadership is trained in their positions of responsibilities.
  • Note: Mr. Franklin also is the Sign Up coordinator for Merit Badge Universities
  • Equipment Advisor/Quartermaster – Mr. Ken Wood
  • Supervise and help procure camp equipment
  • Work with the quartermaster on inventory, storage and proper maintenance of Troop equipment.
  • Make periodic safety checks on all Troop outdoor gear and encourage Troop in the safe use of all outdoor equipment.
  • Maintain control of all equipment inventories.

Activity Advisor – Mr. Andy Piper

  • Research special activities of an educational nature or that are useful for advancement.
  • Serve as transportation coordinator.
  • Encourage monthly outdoor activities or special activities.
  • Promote, through family meetings, attendance at Troop campouts and activities, to reach the goal of an outing per month.
  • Report to the Troop committee at each meeting.

Chartering Organization Representative – Mr.Curt Czajkoski

  • Serve as liaison between the unit, the organization, and the council structure.
  • Encourage unit leaders and committee members to take advantage of training opportunities.
  • Represent the organization on the council and district levels.
  • Promote well-planned unit programs.
  • Promote the recruiting of new members.
  • Assist with unit charter renewal.
  • Suggest unit Good Turns for the organization.
  • Encourage unit committee meetings.
  • Encourage active outdoor unit programs.
  • Emphasize advancement and recognition.
  • Secure district help when needed.
  • Use approved unit finance policies.
  • Encourage recognition of leaders.
  • Cultivate resources to support the organization’s unit.
  • Is an active and involved member of the committee.
  • Helps recruit other adult leaders.

Troop Committee Chairman – Mrs. Tisa Pardee

  • Organize the committee to see that all functions are delegated, coordinated, and completed.
  • Maintain a close relationship with the chartered organization representative and the Scoutmaster.
  • See that Troop leaders and committee members have training opportunities.
  • Interpret national and local policies to the Troop.
  • Work closely with the Scoutmaster in preparing Troop committee meeting agendas.
  • Call, preside over, and promote attendance at monthly Troop committee meetings and any special meetings that may be called.
  • Ensure Troop representation at monthly roundtables.
  • Secure top-notch, trained individuals for camp leadership.
  • Arrange for charter review and re-charter annually.

Secretary – Lori Dimond

  • Keep minutes of meetings and send out committee meeting notices.
  • Prepare a Troop newsletter of Troop activities.
  • Conduct the Troop resource survey.
  • Plan for family night programs and family activities.

Chaplain – Mrs. Lori Dimond

  • Provide a spiritual tone for Troop meetings and activities.
  • Give guidance to the chaplain aide.
  • Promote regular participation of each member in the activities of the religious organization of his choice.
  • Visit homes of Scouts in time of sickness or need.
  • Give spiritual counseling service when needed or requested.
  • Encourage Boy Scouts to earn their appropriate religious emblems.
  • Provide opportunities for Boy Scouts to grow in their duty to God and their fellow Scouts.
  • Fundraising Advisor – Carol Anne McGuinn (could use help)

Popcorn Kernel- Mrs. Dionne Walsh

Christmas Tree Sales- Mr. Scott Wellington

  • Supervise and coordinating all money-earning projects.
  • Obtain proper authorization for all money-earning projects.

OA Advisor – Mr. Chris McGregor

  • Encourage the active participation of all the Troop’s OA members.
  • Provide group transportation to the monthly chapter meetings.
  • Provide transportation and two deep leadership to all OA events the Troop is participating in.

Web Advisor – Mr. Dan Nemec

  • Maintain the Troops Website with the assistance of the Webmaster.
  • Keep the site up to date with a Troop’s calendar, policy statement, leadership roster, critical information not published elsewhere, and other such information that is beneficial to the Troop, the Scouts, or the parents.

Merit Badge Counselor Advisor – Mr. Chris McGregor

Merit Badge Counselors

No parent or guardian of a Scout shall be allowed to counsel merit badges unless they are registered MB counselors and have the approval of the Troop Committee Advancement Chairman.

  • Counsel Scouts earning Merit Badges.
  • Always observe the “buddy system.”
  • Merit Badge Counselors will be assigned by the Scoutmaster or the Advancement Chairman.
  • Normally, a Scout will not be allowed to have a parent act as a Counselor. Two exceptions would be when a parent is the only approved counselor for a badge or a parent is working with a group of Scouts, four or more. Exceptions are at the discretion of the Scoutmaster.
  • All Merit Badge Counselors will be appointed by the Scoutmaster, Advancement Chairman, or the Committee Chairman prior to the Scout starting work on the merit badge (Scout must have a “signed” Blue Card in hand).

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